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About Us/ Our Story

Our focus is designing and manufacturing solutions that meet our customers’ needs

About Us

Precision Design Concepts is a design and manufacturing company located in Eden, North Carolina. Our focus is on creating quality home décor that adds personality and warmth to the home. At Precision Design Concepts, we value our customers and continuously strive to make unique designs and durable products that will last for many years. We offer various product lines that are seasonal or year-round both for indoors and outdoors. We specialize in metal artwork, but some of our products include mixed media such as plastic or wood. We would love to work with you!

Precision Design Concepts

Our Story

I started the company in 2009 with the desire to keep alive a tradition of working with your hands and build something that will be a legacy for my family. Growing up, I had a few great role models who sparked my interest in metal work and entrepreneurship. My Grandfather was my first big role model and one that I still honor today. He was an entrepreneur himself, owning a dance hall, gas station and a working farm. He always kept a smile on his face and never forgot to save time for his family in spite of all of his responsibilities. He showed me that working with my hands was an important skill to learn, even as the world was changing. This is something I still value today. Another important role model was my employer at my first job working at a Nursery. I watched a man who had such a passion for serving other people and taking care of what he had. He worked countless hours to make his dream a reality, and I learned from him that it is important to never give up on a dream. Both of these men have long passed away, but I still keep their inspiration in my heart. I began this business as a tribute to them, to all their hard work, and so I could attain the same kind of joy and pride that I saw in them—the pride that comes from having something that is yours that can be a legacy for many years to come. It is also the pride that comes from sharing our gifts with others and educating them on the importance of doing what we love. I value working with my hands and am saddened that, with the rise of technology, many of the valuable skills that once required a person to use his/her own mind and hands to be creative, is changing. I realize that change is inevitable though and some change is beneficial to the continual evolution of the manufacturing world. With modern technology, we are now able to utilize different design software that allows us to use the mouse as a pen, to draw and design. Drawing designs with a mouse is still a process that takes time and requires a person to have a sharp eye and a skilled hand. Pairing modern and traditional machining techniques, I hope to pay tribute to the dying practice of working with manual machines while also embracing the benefits of newer technologies. It is my desire that my customers receive a product and service that exceeds their expectations and provides them with the high quality they deserve. We want to create an open dialogue with our customers that extends beyond just placing an order on a product and we want to provide them with an experience that they will remember.

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